The Lismore

206 Dumbarton Road, Glasgow, Glasgow, Scotland

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Although some great musicians play here it tends to be quite noisy

Went here recently to find two younger guys, a guitarist and a piano accordion player, as the only musicians. They were very friendly and we knew some of the same tunes.

During term time

During term time the Glasgow University Celtic club meet for a great session on the Monday.

A great mix of skills usually with some extremely good players and many classically trained players daring to cross over.

A great relaxed session where guests are welcome.

Runs mid Sept through to around the end of May - every Monday from about 7.30!

Is the Monday session here still running? I’m in the Lismore now and there ain’t no session.

Update: session seems to start at 8, not 7:30. High level, tight session. Great players. I just listened for a bit. Didn’t think they’d fancy dross like me joining in.

Re: The Lismore

Fabulous fiddlecentric session…lots of newer Scottish tunes, and very welcoming. I’ll be back.

Re: The Lismore

When exactly are there sessions here? I’m really hoping to come.