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ITM Session Dwyer’s Fort Myers Florida

Irish Traditional Music session 7 pm to 10 pm. Please email, RE: session.

Tuesday Evening At Dwyer’s

Maureen and David started the session in late October last year, and we are still having fun 4 months later. We are close to absolute beginners at the Trad canon, although we have both listened to the music for many years. Some of the players who have many more tunes than we, but have always been willing to take the time to teach them to us. Now we have quite a widened repertoire.

One of my favorite recent sessions, I was playing mando, joined by a harmonica player and a fiddler from Ohio. Neither knew many Irish tunes, so we did a bunch of American tunes, a few Beatles and Sixties Folk.

Other nights, a gang that includes a concertina, bouzouki and guitar show up and we play through a hundred slide jigs and reels in about an hour, no only kidding.

Another time it was a recorder and concertina and fiddle, and we played O’Carolan for an hour!

So if you are in Lee County Florida or plan to be soon, please contact me at (RE: Session), or just drop by Dwyer’s on a Tuesday between 7 and 10, or come by Sunday evening to enjoy Celtic Stew.

Come on down!

Dwyer’s on Tuesday’s is great, come on down! We’ve got a steady core group and beginners are welcome.

Please be advised, Dwyer’s will be closed for renovations July 2 thru July 7, so there will be no session that week.

Fort Myers, Cape Coral, SW FL

Every Tuesday night starting at 7 we are still doing it.

Come on down!

Dave was on vacation

…but we had a great time anyway.

Maureen was in CT visiting friends.

It was Carey, Sibylle and I.

Seamus came as well! He’s a local High School student whom we’re all real proud of. Plays whistle and flute. He can only make the session when school is out of session, as "Tuesdays are school nights!" says Seamus’ Ma.

Also, it was Seamus’ Ma’s birthday last night, so we sang her "Wild Mountain Thyme" and Seamus played a lovely solo. Good stuff.

Session cancelled by management

Dwyer’s Pub informed me that they no longer wish to make the stage available for the Tuesday Night Session. We (the musicians) will find another spot in town soon and post it as soon as we know it will be regular. Thank you to those who visited us the last two years, and special thanks to the folks who run this website!