The Gregson Centre

33 Moorgate, Lancaster, Lancashire, England

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session starts at 8.30 ish mostly plays english music with some scottish irish french and scandanavian

there is also an irish session at the same location on a tuesday evening but i dont know much about that one


there is still a thriving session on Tuesdays in the Gregson. Starts up around 9 and goes for as long as possible (sadly usually only till 11.15ish but if you have to work on wednesday that’s maybe not such a bad thing). Lots of musicians, several fiddles, flutes, whistles, banjo, occasional pipes etc. It’s friendly I’d say.

Mainly playing Irish music, but I think there is some small room for manoeuvre. Almost no singing as far as I can tell, tho I don’t think a song or two would be unwelcome.

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Thursday night

The Thursday session is help upstairs rather than in the bar. This is a bit of shame and the closed door must put a lot of people off. However, once through the door you will find a friendly group that encourages the less able (like me) and people can (and do) sit a listen. There are a number of very good players that keep the music going at a high level of quality with a wide selection of instruments and tunes from all over the world.