Babbity Bowster

16-18 Blackfriars Street, Glasgow, Glasgow, Scotland

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Babbity Bowsers

This session starts at around 4 o’clock -very popular.

Excellent session - lots of different instruments too - not just fiddles… Went along the other week for the first time - very friendly - fully intend to go back v soon - just need to learn more tunes!

This session as been on the go for over 25 years according to one of the regulars. Friendly and it goes on until no one is left to play. Most excellent although difficult to get a seat early on…bide your time then jump on in.

Aye v guid

Guid yin!

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Me & my son both loved this pub. He couldn’t get enough of the food particularly the pies! I couldn’t get enough of the music & the Deuchars beer!! There was a session starting at 3pm on Sat 23rd Nov 2019. Lovely playing quite a bit of Irish & plenty of Scottish tunes. Musicians of all ages there from what looked like two 16 year olds to a couple of octogenarians.
The place got busier & busier with more & more musicians mainly fiddlers. The crowd were loving the high quality music. As a box player I was warmly welcomed & made to feel part of the group. I will definitely come back to Glasgow just for Babbity Bowster!

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I forgot to say a thank you to Maurice on banjo, Catherine & Sheila on fiddles as well as Angus ‘the encyclopaedia’ for making me feel at home. Wishes Bernard

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Wee update about the session. Babbity’s will close on Sunday (5th January) for 8 weeks. It’s changing ownership and will be refurbished. As far as we know, we will be allowed back.

I’ll post something here as soon as we know something for sure.

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*bites nails*