Ben Nevis

1147 Argyle Street, Glasgow, Glasgow, Scotland

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Ben Nevis

Very good -but like most plces a bit smokey

This session attracts some of Scotland’s premier musicians. On a Wednesday and Sunday night, musicians from all over the country converge on the ben nevis. Anyone can join in, although many people prefer to just stand and watch and listen and take in some of the fine malt whiskies available.
Musicians from bands such as The Old Blind Dogs and Croft No. Five, Capercaillie and The Emily Smith Band regularly play here along with loads of young musicians from the Scottish Academy of Music and Dance and other courses.

I listened into this session on wednesday 18th.
Some excellent young musicians, 3 fiddles, mandolin,box,flute and border pipes.
The music was difficult to hear as the background noise was loud - maybe the time of year. But well worth a visit.
The session was very tight and the standard was high. Excellent piper - but then I’m biased.

Went to the Ben Nevis Jan 2006. I think it was the first night back after the New Year so the crowd was very noisy. The music was excellent but way too fast for me to join in with. I could hardly hear most of it though because people standing around the musicians were shouting conversations at the musicians while they were playing.

what night for Ben Nevis in Glasgow?

OK, I’m off to Glasgow the day after tomorrow. I’ve had a number of session recommended, and found a number through searching this and other sites.
Several people have recommended Ben Nevis. One place states their sessions are Sun, Tue, and Wed, another lists only Wed and Sun, another lists only Wed.
What night or nights are they currently having sessions?
Another highly recommended session has been Waxy O Connor’s, which I will try to get to if I can get away from my band commitments early enough on Sunday.
The Lismore is listed as having sessions five nights a week, which is amazing.
I’ve decided to take not only my whistle for Irish tunes but my smallpipes for Scottish tunes.
Thanks! Richard

On Wednesdays… or not

We just tried to visit the Wednesday session last night and the bar tender said there hadn’t been a session for a few weeks now. We hung around until 9:30 and nobody showed up. I recommend calling the bar before making a special trip for this one.

Same happened to me on a Sunday night - a session had been advertised in the local “Gig guide”. Nothing doing. Phone to check first.

Hello. I’ve just moved to Glasgow and been finding the same thing with this one, and several other sessions or open mics mentioned in the Gig Guide - trudge through the rain and wind to find they’re not on.

Anyone know of any good sessions that are definitely on to save a few more weeks of searching? Lismore sounds good - I’ll try that one next.


I’m living in glasgow (studying Scottish Music at the RSAMD) and frequent the session at the ben. As long as I’ve been here its been on every wednesday i’ve gone, and thursdays and sundays have gotten really reliable as well. Some nights are quieter than others, so you never know if it’ll just be good craic, or musically insane. I’ve also re-started the session at Waxy O’Connors on a sunday, its been pretty quiet over the summer, but should pick up now that people are getting back for Uni.

The sessions in the Ben Nevis are now on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays, which seems to have been the case for a few years. I´ve been back in Glasgow since last summer, and as far as I can tell the sessions are almost always on on those nights, rare nights I´ve turned up and there´s nothing on it seems to be because of everyone is at another event on that occasion. It usually get´s going between 9 and 10pm.
It´s still the best session I know in Glasgow, with a lot of RSAMD students and other very accomplished young players.

The night I was there it was unfriendly, unwelcoming and exclusive. I will not go back.

Days of the session updated - Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday.

The Ben

I found the Bennevis a couple of weeks ago and had a great Wednesday night session with Ally White and the Battlefield band. Rip roaring tunes great company and a friendly wee pub.
I was back in Glasgow last weekend and went to the Sunday session. This session was hosted by the Local musicians. Again what a rip roaring session. Great music, friendly and welcoming musicians, and good craic with the bar staff and folk who packed the pub to listen.
I would recommend this session to anyone
Hope to return the hospitality if they are in Stornoway

Re: Ben Nevis

Are sessions still happening here? I’m visiting in May 2019.

Re: Ben Nevis

Thursday session highly recommended. Extremely good musicians, lots of fast tunes, welcoming atmosphere. Pub was a bit noisy, but only because it was full.

Re: Ben Nevis

The Wednesday session here was fantastic. Great players playing great tunes, really fun to watch and the pub lends a lot of atmosphere. Definitely worth showing up to see.

Re: Ben Nevis

Got to be there on last Wednesday. Excellent session with good musicians (some pro) but very welcoming. Advanced level, but varying kinds of tunes and speed (not just reels and jigs), even some songs. The pub is full with people but musicians have their own corner and music can be listened and played comfortably. It’s a pity the sessions end at 11pm after covid era…