Aikman’s Cellar Bar

32 Bell Street, St Andrews, Fife, Scotland

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Great to know there are sessions in St Andrews now. There wasn’t anything like that when I was growing up there in the 80s, though I knew people that played. Would there be any kenspeckle St Andrews folk at this or is it students?

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It’s a lovely wee session and you should all come along! We’re about 2 thirds students and 1/3 real people and it’s a good laugh as we all get on. We’re welcoming to all newcomers whatever their experience as we play a wide mix of speeds and styles, tunes and songs.


This pub is closed until further notice. So there is no session there any more.

Pub alive

The pub is alive again and there is a session sporadically on a Sunday evening. Please contact the pub for more information.

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Hi ,
Is there still a session on a Sunday night ?

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There’s no regular session here at the moment but plenty of other live music.

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This session is back! 8/8:30 to 12 on Tuesday nights. See you there!