Cryan’s Teach Ceoil

Bridge Street, Carrick-on-Shannon, Leitrim, Ireland

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Trad sessions on Thursday Saturday and Sunday

They all start at about 10pm and the atmosphere is always electric. It seems that all are welcome from beginners to virtuosos. Very enjoyable sessions.
Here’s a tip - if you haven’t been before, park around the back in the hotel car park and sneak in the back entrance.

From experience, the Sunday session tends to start around 9.30pm.

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Saturday Session

Feeling a bit humble after recent visit. Seemed to be a bit of a closed shop that night. Excellent musicians doing their own tunes & not worrying about inclusion issues. So I just put away my fiddle & really enjoyed the tunes & the expertise. Well, that’s what you get for punching above your weight. Next time I feel like going there I reckon I’ll stay home & practise. Not that I’ll feel like going, if current humbled state obtains!

Sunday and Friday Sessions

That’s right about the Sunday Trad session starting at around half-nine, and the Friday session starts at around 10 pm. That one’s a mixed bag of bluegrass, old-time, trad, jazz, blues, and whatever anyone wants to play! Best ~ Tom