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The White Horse has closed

I seem to be specialising in sessions that no longer exist 🙂

The White Horse was always a bit of a mystery, variously held on Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays (but Wednesday in its final incarnation).

Anyway, it’s gone now. The pub has closed.

Thanks to Mick and Mary for giving us a great home for so many years, and thanks to anyone who has ever played, sung or listened there. We shall not see its like again.

Yep, I heard this sad news last night. Although I’d only ever been a handful of times, my experience was that it was a great, nay, classic, London session venue, and a magnet for the best players in and around London. Its passing will be mourned by many in the “know”.
I hope youse find a replacement soon.
Thanks, Orson, for posting this.

Commiserations. I’m sorry I wasn’t there for the last session.

Mick loved me…………..dart it

what a class sess. the there ever was in tarn. it was the closest if not better than a sess in the west of ireland, and the bar was on irish times in all.

arrhhh. those cut up bangers and roast on a try, and mulvey blowing his stuff, rolling away…….. great sess, great pub, great people, great sheena, great hours and great tunes at geogous pace.

highlight of that sess was telling my hero brendan maglinchy that he was ‘the bollox’. after playing banish missfortune with a F natral init. he clearly was not in with my landan tounge.
but i only found out the next day that he wernt impressed’

white horse r.i.p. meathman

the kane head

White Horse Session (London, Tuesday)

My friend, Peter D. once told me about the White Horse Pub Session (Tuesday night) near Hackney Road, London.
I couldn’t find it in any related websites or directories. I have no idea when it does start on Tuesday night or whether it still goes on these days. I would appreciate if anyone give me the most updated information on this.