Six comments

This session was formerly at Murphy’s, we relocated at the end of this past summer. Conklin’s is a family run pub, more session-friendly, and has really excellent food.

Session starts around 7 pm, goes till 10 or so. Playing is intermediate to advanced level (at least that’s what we’re aiming for). A couple members also run a slow session once a month, please email for details.

A brilliant session to be sure!

I had the occasion to join in the craic here and mighty it was indeed. I was warmly welcomed by all the musicians as well as the Pub’s staff. The music was great, the whiskey plentiful, and the fare well above my expectations. Thanks Susan, this will indeed go down as one of my favorite memories of the music.

A special note to James; I know you hear it, I can see it that you do, so just put what you hear in your head onto the skin. I look forward to hearing what now only you can.


Schedule change

To accomodate Conklin’s scheduling, we’ve dropped back to twice a month. The current plan is to meet on the first and third Sundays, but email ahead if you’re coming to verify when we’ll be there.

Is there still a session at Conklins?

I would love to go for a session, but I am not a fan of their current regular singer.

Session suspended for the time being (5/28/10_

Conklin’s has decided to devote Sundays to sports which, as we’ve discovered, is not compatible with acoustic music. We’re looking for either another time at Conklin’s or another location.

Re: Conklin’s Irish Rover

As mentioned above, Conklin’s has closed. However, if you’re traveling through town, shoot us an email, we might be able to arrange a house session.