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a great sessopm

The Corkman

Sorry about that last mess, i had about three seconds to write it out and then i lost the connection.

The Corkman session reminded me of a lot of sessions in Ireland and it should as it was led by two box players from Clare. A mighty session, at least the one I attended which was the last one of the the year.

Good music, good craic, and a good meal there if you want one.

Michael Keyes

Public transport

Take any tram going up Elizabeth St from CBD, get off before tram turns at Flemington Rd junction and it’s a short walk along Pelham St

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Session is alive and well

This session is going strong, I found when I discovered it last week. Great fun, very friendly - thanks to all you Melbournians who I met last week, you have a great trad scene over there (I’m jealous). Cheers.

Great Session

I was there in March of 2010. Great group to play with. Good musicians, good music and a really great time. Thank you to Paddy and all the other folks who were there. You made my trip.

great session

I was there in October 2013, great session.

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moved to Wed nights

as of Feb 2014, now on Wed nights at 7pm

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The Corkman is up for sale - auction on 30 October 2014

Still going strong!

This sessions is still thumping along every Wednesday night from 7:00 PM, rain or shine lead by the legendary Paddy Fitzgerald who has not lost any of his music or his east Clare accent in spite of living in Melbourne for over 50 years! This is the closest thing to a session in a small cosey pub in east Clare that you’re going to get this side of the equator. Fantastic music in a pub with great character and Paddy does a fantastic job at engaging with all players and singers regardless of level of ability or country of birth to participate as much as they are comfortable with. This is why weekly attendance figures range in between 20 and 30 so come early if you want a good seat.

YouTube clip from about two years ago.

Re: The Corkman

The Corkman is now closed.

Re: The Last Jar

But The Last Jar is still open! The session has migrated lock, stock, and barrel. Paddy Fitzgerald remains the very gracious and able host, and when I was there on September 7 2016, it was a terrific and very well-attended session. The room is loud, though.

Re: The Last Jar

“Social” session on first and third Tuesdays of the month run by Paul George. (Fiddle)
In a quiet upstairs room with good acoustics.
Mostly medium paced, adaptable to whoever is there.

The Last Jar

Hello … I’m visiting from overseas and would love to attend a session while I’m here. I noticed that you have sessions on both Tuesday (1st & 3rd) and Wednesday … are these open to visitors, and if so, what are the times? Thanks!

Re: The Last Jar / The Corkman / Drunken Poet

A quick update on these sessions. The Corkman Pub was demolished in late 2016 without a demolition permit. An Absolute Disgrace.

The Last Jar session also ceased some time ago - September/October 2014 (I think) as that is when we arrived in Melbourne

However the Drunken Poet still offers great music and atmosphere - Friday evenings from 6-8pm sharp.

Re: The Last Jar / The Corkman

Hi all, Chris Fitz from The Last Jar here!

There seems to be some confusion about our session, so I thought I’d clear it up. The old session from The Corkman, which we ran for 14 years until the pub’s closure, has migrated over to The Last Jar and continues on in a very lively and well-attended fashion every Wednesday night from 7pm! It’s great craic.

Paddy Fitzgerald still runs the session and is very welcoming to all, regardless of their ability. Musicians start arriving from about 6pm but whether you’re a musician or in the audience, we recommend arriving early to grab a good seat! It can get quite packed in the front bar there.

Re: The Last Jar

I’m visiting from overseas and hope to come to the session tonight. I’m presuming that the times are still the same … arrive any time after 6pm, music around 7pm (?). I was there back in Nov 2016 - Lovely session.

Re: The Last Jar

What time does it normally run to? I.e when do the musicians pack it in and go home usually?

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Re: The Last Jar

I can answer my own question: I arrived at 11pm to find it still going strong.

Paddy said he’d been at it since 5pm but had slowed down a bit on doctors advice and only turns up every second week now.

Ended about midnight or slightly after. Had the pleasure of hearing the landlords lovely fiddle playing better as crowd began to thin out.

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Re: The Last Jar

There are sessions here atm (when we’re not under lockdown) on:
- Sunday evenings from about 5pm (first hour is slow, generally a younger crowd and great for learning).
- Wednesday evenings from 5pm.

The Last Jar

Two sessions per week.
Wednesday from 4 pm.
And Sunday afternoons from 4 pm. Note that the latter is slow, for learners, for the first hour or two. Then everybody has a meal, and the 2nd half, at a more conventional pace, starts at anything from 7 pm.

Re: The Last Jar

Hiya, Does Paddy still go to this session at all, or has he now packed it in completely? Who is going regularly….Tony (banjo) at least I presume, but who else? Thanks

The Last Jar - 2 sessions a week (Wed from 4pm & Sun from 5pm)

Hey team, Oscar the fiddler/piper here 🙂 I’ve been coordinating the Sunday slow session over the last 4 years but never thought to visit the page for the session info! Just thought I’d post an update that the sessions are thriving and have made a full recovery over the last 12 months after Melbourne emerged from its last lockdown. Always different, always a joy.

At our weekly “Chill” Sunday session we keep the tunes slower tempo or play the more common/beginner tunes runs for the first hour of the evening (5pm - 6pm). All welcome. The “normal” session proceeds from 6pm til close. We have a private Facebook group for communicating weekly updates and share the tunes we played at the last slow session so you can have a look what we’re up to each week. You’re most welcome to join if you’re interested in coming along one night (Search: Chill Sunday Tunes at the Jar)

The Wednesday session is also a great night. Tunes start at 4pm and we go til close.

Loads of fantastic regular players, always a couple of new faces and increasingly travelling musicians and friends as moving around the world becomes normal again!

See you there one fine Wednesday and/or Sunday.