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PVBC session

Very casual and currentlly open to all. It is not uncommon to have some orchestra members show up.

The Pocatello Session

A question or 2. We live only about 90 minutes or so from here. Wouldn’t mind catching the Session. Do you know a time, or did I just skim too fast and missed it? Also, because it’s in a Brewery, are people under 21 not allowed? Not sure if "open to all" means open to Minors. If we can get up there over the long weekend this week, we’d like to take the kids to hear them.

Also, possibly a dumb question; is there a cover charge? Or a donation?

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PVB session

Semi-sponsored by Rune Stone, trad celtic gp. Mandolin, Bodhran/whistle/voice, accordion, bass and guitar. Many others show and varies from week to week. Very steady group and open to newcomers.
Some tunes/songs:
Rakes of Kildare/ Dust on the windowsill
After The Battle of Augrim/ Red Haired Boy
The Aran Boat Song
Song: Paddy’s Green Shamrock Shore
St Patrick’s Day / The Blarney Pilgrim/ The Irish Washerwoman
The Strayaway child/The Butterfly
Ffarwel I Aberstwth
Song: I’ll Tell Me Ma
Sheebeg Sheemore
The Fox Hunter’s Jig
Song: The Star of the County Down
Ten Penny Bit /Mug of Brown Ale
John Ryan’s Polka / Mississippi Sawyer
Tempest whistle /Julia Delaney
Maurice Manley’s /Ballydesmond Polkas
Song: The Rocky Road to Dublin
Connaghtman’s Rambles/My Darling Asleep
O’Keefs’s Jig/ Lannigans Ball
Southwind / Lord Ulin’s Daughter
Tail Toddle/ Atholl Highlanders
Road to Lisdoonvarna/ Swallowtail Jig


7 - 9pm (ish)

21 and older, but will soon also be a restarant so I think that may change.

No cover, but donations taken to cover some expenses.


You can fine some of the tunes in my "tunebook" if you click on my name nipdigler.


sorry not that easy

PUB session playlist

Look for this in the comments section of each tune in my tune book to get specifics.

PVB session playlist

Most tunes are played a little and sometimes very differently than the original posts. This site will not allow so called duplicate posts. ABC format changes are listed in the comments section of each tune, when I get to it, along with rhythms. This format is actually very easy to figure out, it just takes a little time. The names of tunes also are sometimes different, so look in the comments section for hints.

I am sure this will be a work in progress, cheers to ya!

ABC navigator

This is the program I am currently using. It has no real "help" with it but is free.

When you download the ABC file you will get all the extra submissions along with the original. Some ABC file submissions in the comments section of tunes seem to not download the way they are written.

Another way to get the PVB submission of the ABC is to right click highlight/left click copy, then carry that over to ABC Navigator and paste to a "newtune" .

Still up and running?

I was wondering if anyone knows if this session is still up and running? I may be coming to Pocatello this summer, and it would love to come if everyone is still meeting. Thanks!

Still up and running.

Looking for new venue though as we have been booted from PVB.

We have a new venue

We have moved to the College Market , 604 South 8th. Pocatello, Idaho, same day and time. Monday 7-9 pm.

Re: College Market

The venue closes at 8pm nowadays and there’s no reference to a session on its Facebook page.

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