Radio Bean

8 N. Winooski Avenue, Burlington, Vermont, USA

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This session is not very organized, as there is no session leader. It’s more of a beginner/intermediate level session. However, more advanced players do show up from time to time. The venue is very small, yet cozy. Good coffee and microbrews on tap. A busy, colorful college-kid hang out.

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Lately, some more advanced players have been showing regularly so this session is transforming into a more intermediate/advanced level session. The quality of music has been taken to a new level with lots of new tunes. I personally think it has become a very fun session.

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Session horror story at the Radio Bean

Here’s a good place to post the “disaster” that happened at our session the other night.

This past wed night (7/30/03) we had a couple visiting from Philadelphia, Penn. They were a middle aged couple. The wife plays fiddle and the husband plays guitar and bodhran. Firstly, they came late while we had already started playing, which is perfectly fine. But this loud, heavy-set woman shoved her way into our session without any session etiquette whatsoever. When 2 of my music buddies got up for a smoke, she immediately got up and took one of their seats without saying a word. She tried dictating the tunes we would play and then kept telling us to slow down after she started the tune. Then she tried telling us they way it should be played. She complained she needed to be on the small stage because of the lighting, which resulted in my friends giving up their chairs to accomodate this large woman. Then her husband grabbed another friend’s chair when she got up to get a drink. Now we don’t mind newcomers visiting our session, but it’s quite rude to just barge right in, steal seats, take over the music and play nothing but basic common standards…

If these people read this post, then I hope they learn something about session etiquette and plain common sense. A very good musician, friend, and reputable instrument maker came up to the session that night and was appalled by the behavior of these folks. He actually called me the next day and said it was so unbelievable that it was almost humorous. He said it was almost surreal how these folks completely destroyed our session that night. My music buddies and myself ended up leaving early.

So don’t get me wrong, we love new people and visitors and are a nice friendly group, but please be courteous.


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Joyce…youre a better woman than me, I wouldve lost my bottle!

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Lately this session is a little dodgy. Some good players still show up, but more sporadically - basically when they feel like it. No one is paid to lead the session so there is no organization And sometimes the music doesn’t get rolling after 10:00pm, but each week is different and very unpredictable. There have been some weeks where the session doesn’t happen at all. So you have been warned.

Attend at your own risk : )


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This session is now on Wednesdays, not Tuesdays.


Now that the schedual has been changed are more people coming? I am going to at Sait Mike’s after this august. If it is alive and well, I would probably like to become a regular…

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Alive and kicking

The session still goes strong, tand here is a regular crowd that shows up with some different faces most weeks.

Session is on Wednesdays @ 9

Session attendance as of Winter 2012-13

I stopped in the session this winter and there were at least 6-8 fiddlers, plus a guitarist, and a few other sundry instruments. I sat off to the side, as I am an advanced beginner/intermediate fiddler but have never sat in on a session before, and the guys I sat near were really nice. The tunes were led by some veterans and the speed was relatively fast. The Radio Bean was crowded and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. I would join again, especially if they have nights for the less experienced session goers like myself. 🙂

Re: Radio Bean Coffee Shop

Is this session still happening? I don’t see it on the Radiobean web site.

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Re: Radio Bean Coffee Shop

It’s listed on the RB site as every second and fourth Wednesday in the month.

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