Two comments


The session is held every second Tuesday of the month from 8pm. The first one in 2006 will be on 10th January.

It is fairly mixed, with traditional music and song from, but not limited to, the British Isles and Northern Europe. Anyone is welcome to come and play/sing well-known or not so well-known stuff, as long as they don’t mind the rest of us joining in!

The pub consists of a single big room downstairs with a slighty smaller "pool room" upstairs. We started upstairs but were asked to move downstairs so that the regulars could hear us better! We will go back upstairs when requested or if the regulars prefer to watch the footie (there is a big screen TV behind the bar). The pub is a microbrewery pub and serves around 10 different bitters at any one time. The local branch of CAMRA meets there sometimes.