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St. Sebastiaanstraat 4, Hilvarenbeek, The Netherlands, Tilburg, Noord Brabant, Netherlands

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Zomerlust Sessions, Tilburg, The Netherlands.

NOTE : Monthly session, every last friday evening of the month, starting from about 20.30 hours.
A friendly open session, in a lovely middle sized brown cafe with a terras, selling beers from all over the world, situated just at the border of the town of Tilburg, near the Wilhelmina Canal. There is a circle of (semi)professional and amateur musicians from Holland and Belgium that play music from Western and Eastern Europe. A lot of Irish music but also Flemish, Swedish, English, Breton, Bulgarian and (former) Joegoslavian music, and so on,depending on the repertoire of the present musicians. Welcome to people with a peacefull, ecologic, non kapitalist, non racist, non nationalist heart and mind.

Changed to other location.

This session in Tilburg is replaced by
Kaffee Lambiek (
Wilhelminapark 66, Tilburg.
“Folksessie rond de Stamtafel”, (Irish, Flamish, Dutch, Klezmer, Balkan etc.) every 3rd Sunday of the month, 14:00 h.
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Zomerlust Sessions

Besides the regular sessions in Kaffee Lambiek on the 3rd sunday of “every” month, we started a new session in the Museum Brewery in Hilvarenbeek, a lovely small village just south of Tilburg, on the 1st sunday afternoon of every month starting 13.00h. ( ).
We play in a beautiful loft with great acoustics and a bar with home brewed special beers besides all the other
Same music and musicians.
To be shure, to be shure call on 0031135431312 ( Gerard Braun)

In memoriam Eltjo Toorn (29 januari 1955 - 2 augustus 2011)

The Dutch website for Irish/Celtic music and dance in the Netherlands is not up to date anymore. The host of the website, Eltjo Toorn, died on the 2nd of August 2011.
The site is still existing as an memoriam for Eltjo Toorn.

Zomerlustsessions, Hilvarenbeek, The Netherlands

The Zomerlustsessions are cancelled due to a change in management.
The session is replaced by the Rose Sessions in the bar from Museum Brewery de Roos, St. Sebastiaanstraat 4, 5081ZG, Hilvarenbeek, The Netherlands, .
They take place on the 1st sunday afternoon of of every month, starting 13.00 hrs.
To be shure, to be shure call on 0031135431312 ( Gerard Braun)

The folksessions in Kaffee Lambiek, in the city of Tilburg are still happening on the 3rd sunday of every month, from 14.00 hrs.