Four Green Fields Irish Pub

205 West Platt Street, Tampa, Florida, USA

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Four Green Fields Irish Pub session

Every first Sunday of the month from 5 until 9 PM or whenever they kick us out. All levels welcome. Many accomplished players in this session keep the tunes and songs flowing. The craic is mighty!

Four green fields irish pub session

who is playing ?

This session is great!

Seriously. Lovely folks, nice spot with good food, well decorated, tons of musicians, highly recommended.

A Wonderful Time In Tampa, FL

I just wanted to say hello to anyone who was at the Four Green Fields pub session in Tampa, Florida yesterday. Some of us from our home sessions in Cape Coral and Naples, Florida took a road trip up to hang out with our Irish music cousins up the coast. We had a wonderful time, the folks are all very welcoming and what a huge crowd they have.

If anyone was at that session yesterday please do drop me a line or say hello on this thread.

In particular, if you are a lovely, talented and attractive blonde lady whistler who was sitting next to a handsome gentleman fiddler from Cape Coral yesterday before you disappeared, please do not hesitate to say hello. [wink]

Re: A Wonderful Time In Tampa, FL

…and before anybody craics wise I did shower yesterday, thank you very much, so no, that’s not why she disappeared.

Re: A Wonderful Time In Tampa, FL

You may have showered, but you didn’t pull out the banjo, did you?


Re: A Wonderful Time In Tampa, FL

No sir! I left it at home, I went with one instrument, hard to believe, I know.

Or are you referring to the metaphorical ‘banjo’?

Re: A Wonderful Time In Tampa, FL

Well, THAT might explain the disappearance! 😏

Or maybe she was so distraught over the Bucs loss to Indy, and didn’t want to cry in public. Or maybe mr. handsome fiddler was actually stalking her, and she found the right moment to slip away. Or maybe she saw the look in your eye and lack of wedding ring, and decided that she couldn’t handle a whirlwind romance with yet another durn fiddler.


Re: A Wonderful Time In Tampa, FL

Hmmm.. this ‘disappearance’ smacks of the work of Gaspar the pirate.. Don’t "harbor" any hard feelings, it happens to the best of ‘em in Tampa, I hear.

Re: A Wonderful Time In Tampa, FL

Well, she did seem to disappear right after she was whistling "The Leaving of Liverpool" and I hopped up to holler the words. I’m sure it was just all too much, the fiddle, the looks, the masculine baritone, etc.

In all seriousness her young sons arrived and she had to go on Mommy duty. In my thorough enjoyment of the session I lost track of her exit before I had a chance to make a mumbling ass out of myself.

Re: A Wonderful Time In Tampa, FL

"Arrrr" gravelwalks, "arrr" indeed…

Re: A wonderful Time In Tampa, FL

Oh, you guys are so sweet!! Of course, I did not see this ‘till now, and have seen you again since πŸ™‚
Very nice playing together. I have to update my tune-book. I have printed dozens of tunes w/out signing on, lost my password…yadah, yadah, yadah.
Missed you at the last session (Jan. 6) and it was packed!
Let me know if you guys will be out for the next one.

Tampa - SW Exchange

Still going strong, thanks Jessica! Come visit again soon!

The Celtic Ray

What a great time always in Punta Gorda…love the sessions @ the Ray πŸ™‚ I will be hobbling in this Sunday…foot surgery victim with stitches, I am. But nothing can deter me from playing tunes with you folk!
See you there~ jess

Re: Four Green Fields Irish Pub

Still going; starts at the obscure time of 5.20pm.

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