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Time? Who plays there? Directions to get there? etc etc…

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A session run by a serious and heirarchy of sessioneers. I got the feeling they regard Scrappy as a young turk. It’s up the Archway Road on the left, just before the bridge.
Tends to start not before about 9.30, and can go on quite late. You need a good repertoire to keep up with these guys and gals.

Is this still running? Vague chance I might be around this Friday (27th April 07)


I was over from the States on business (2007 Nov 30). The session was grand — very friendly, very relaxed, good players. No microphones, but we could hear ourselves just fine. And I do love English beer! The proceedings were loosely managed by a mandolin player and a guitar player. I can’t remember any names (πŸ™ but they were two very decent gents to this guest from way out of town.

Thanks Tracy

Tracy thanks for your comment - we enjoyed your playing and sorry you had such a soggy chinese meal - the session has just passed its three year ‘birthday’ at which 23 people came and thank you to all who came and keep coming !
a few people may appear tomorrow but it will restart after Christmas

Still going

I got there last night around 11pm and was made to feel more than welcome by the players and publicans. Lovely people and great music. I’ll be back again! Thanks for a great night everyone πŸ™‚


excellent session πŸ™‚

nice tunes at a nice pace, nice people.

made a very long list of "must learn" tunes here, which is a testament to the musicians.
thanks to everyone, not least mick and john for staying on for some very very late tunes πŸ™‚


The sausages come round just after 11pm…..


Folks - does anyone know if this tune is still on the go? Bit short notice I realise…

It was as of December 17th last year.
Been there, got the sausage.

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young turk

noun: Young Turk
a. A young progressive or insurgent member of an institution, movement, or political party.
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Nice to know people hold me in such high esteem GuernseyPete! :D

but to answer people’s questions from a year ago, I honestly have no idea if it’s still running, it’s been several years since I’ve stepped foot in the magnet, but I can always go in and ask if that will help?

still going??

Hi Scrappy - did you get a chance to find out? Am travelling down from Cumbria this Friday (6 Dec) and hoping to find the session is still alive and kicking
ian francis

Magnet finished

I was told that the Magnet finished a few weeks agao. There will be music in The Crown in Cricklewood on a Friday evening though.


Thanks for update helenakitt