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Radius Cafe

This Celtic tune and song session meets every Thursday from 8:00 until 10:00 at the Radius. The acoustics are the best that any of the sessioners have ever found. There are lots of hard surfaces in what was once an automobile show room, and usually the crowd is very interested in music or quiet socializing, so the music is easy to hear, for both listeners, and also musicians. The building now is used for a non-profit, for the arts organization, so there is a variety of interesting activities on other days as well. Also, the walls hold various rotating art shows, so there is plenty to see, as well as hear, or participate in. At the session, there is a good variety of music, and lots of fun. It’s a laid back, friendly session with an opportunity for all to participate.

Also, the food is excellant, and currently you can bring your own bottle of wine or other fine beer and rent a glass. They just don’t want people dragging in coolers full of beer.

The session is non-smoking, but there is a patio area with tables outdoors.

The Radius is located very centrally, in the downtown area, so it’s not terribly far from any location in the city.

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Radus Cafe

This session is currently not meeting.

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