Rosie McCaffrey’s

906 E.Camelback, Phoenix, Arizona, USA

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Starts around 6:30 - 7:00pm, good mix of tunes and song, beginner to fantastic skill levels, and the first pint is on Rosie. Great atmosphere and food too.

Rosie’s is now hosted

The Rosie’s session is now hosted by local fiddle hero Sheila Maguire. Starts at 6pm and goes usually until 9pm.

Start time changed

Start time is now 7pm, currently hosted by the excellent Brandy Driscoll. Tunes range from beginner to advanced (mostly the begin-termediate range).

Flute player Sven Henrich will take over in September when Brandy leaves.

Session has moved to Seamus McCaffrey’s Sunday nights at 7pm. See posting on Seamus McCaffrey’s. Bar is located at 18 W. Monroe Street in downtown Phoenix


This session and the Seamus McCaffrey session are no longer running.

Rosie’s Seisiun

This seisiun is no longer active.

Back in business

This session now up and running again as of 12/12/10.

Session Is On

SESSION EVERY SUNDAY FROM 7-10PM AT ROSIE’S. HOSTED BY SHEILA MAGUIRE. We are friendly to beginners, but you will have to wait your turn to pick a tune. Otherwise, its pretty fast paced.

Session slain by NFL

In it’s short sighted quest for few extra patrons to watch $unday night football, this long running session was abruptly terminated by the management. The local musicians are currently looking for a replacement venue

Rosie’s Session BACK ON as of 11/2013

Session is BACK ON at Rosie McCaffrey’s. 7-10pm EVERY Sunday night

As of Feb 2015 - Rosie’s Session with Sheila Maguire TEMPORARY SCHEDULE adjustments

Sunday March 8th - Sessions STARTS at 5pm
Sunday March 15th NO SESSION

Other than these 2 dates Session is Every Sunday at 7pm.

Rosie’s Session

I hope to attend the session Sunday, April 26. Will be in Phoenix from Boston, MA for a conference and would love to join in if possible. Jim

New in town

Just moved into Phoenix from St. Louis for school, wanted to know what the policy was on new players and possibly a good date to swing by