Celtica Pub

95 Long Wharf, Newport, Rhode Island, USA

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Good Session

This session is held monthly (call ahead, as it is not always held on the same Saturday of the month). It generally goes from 5-8 PM, often followed by a live band. It is a good, friendly gathering of musicians, with plenty of room for all. Playing level is intermediate to advanced, although newcomers usually get a friendly reception from those present. It is led by local fiddler/accordionist/harmonica-ist Jack Wright, a good guy. The only complaint I have heard about the session is from my wife, who is only five feet tall. The pub is outfitted with tall barstools, and she has dislikes hopping and stretching to get up into her seat.

Does my old friend Jim McGrath ever make into this session. He’s a wonderful singer - was a venturesome seamen in his day. Wrote some good ballads. If so, say hello from his old Balto. buddy, Dan…

Is this still on?

This session is not currently happening

Rhode Island Sessions…

This is a fine bar…
Unfortunately, the management did
not know how to sponsor an Irish music session…
the only local session in Newport RI is currently (early 2009) at the Fastnet Pub (used to be known as Aidan’s).
Stop by the Fastnet on Sundays for the music you are seeking.