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Third Thursday each month. Eightish
Mostly instrumental. Occasional song.
Usual instruments: Accordions, melodeons, concertinas, fiddles, whistles, flutes, Northumbrian pipes, half long pipes, mandolins, guitars, percussion.
Sometimes instruments: Cello, electric bass, keyboard, oboe, harp …………
…………… with 20 to 30+ instruments going usually, I can’t think of much that wouldn’t fit in. Some brass would be nice.

Another pub closes

Tap and spile closed at the moment. Session moved 20yards over the road to THE GLOBE. We had a great time . Where were the rest of you ?

Phoenix Tap and Spile

The session is re-starting Thur 18th Dec at the Boat House, Wylam. Hope to see you there.
Either way have a great Christmas and a tuneful new year.

Update May 09

Hello everyone,

Here is the plan for the Tap n’ Spile/Boathouse sessions


Thursday 21st May – at The Boathouse

Saturday 23rd May – at the Tap n’ Spile from lunchtime onwards say 12.30pm. This is to coincide with Hexham Gathering.

June onwards

First Wednesday of the month ie 3rd June, 1st July etc – at The Boathouse

Third Thursday of the month ie 18th June, 16th July etc – Tap n’ Spile, starting 7.30pm with first hour or so being ‘very steady’ for the up-and-coming musicians

Still going I think…

…. but I’m unable to get at the moment. Numbers and content varied from month to month about a year ago from quite lively to sometimes quiet.

Re: Tap And Spile

Are the sessions still running? I’d like to come and listen. Thank you.

Re: Tap And Spile

The session is moving to the second Thursday each month starting on 12th May.

Re: Tap And Spile

New management is causing uncertainty. Jan. session happened but worth phoning pub to check in future,

Re: Tap And Spile

Moved to The Tannery