Noonan’s Pub (formerly Dora Keogh’s)

141 Danforth Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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The Thursday sessions start at 9:00pm; the Sunday sessions at 5:00pm. Be prepared for this one; the tempos are fast and the host players skillful, but the quality is excellent and it’s the default venue for visiting hot shots.

Sometimes the place is a victim of its own success. The pub, alas, is very noisy, frequently to the detriment of the music.

This is a great session… The noise level may sometimes pose as a problem, but I suppose every pub will have it’s noisy patrons.
The Sunday session goes from 5:00 onward… I’ve seen it go all night!
If you’re at the session often enough, there are all sorts of surprises.. You’ll see comedians, singers, dancers, musicians (of course), there are occasionally raffles, too.. and just when you think that the session is over, another couple of musicians come in and the music goes on for another hour!
The musicians are also friendly, and very welcoming of beginners… The music is still pretty quick-paced.

Dora Keogh’s, Toronto

The red hot session in town. Music starts 9:00pm on Thursday and 5:00pm on Sunday.

Sunday Session now on Saturday

That about sums it up.

Re: Dora Keogh

Still three sessions a week (as of August, 2018).

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Re: Dora Keogh

Thursdays still currently on a COVID hiatus, will update as news comes in.

Re: Noonan’s Pub (formerly Dora Keoghs)

I recommend checking out the events section of the website to see what sessions are happening while COVID causes disruptions.

Noonan’s (Formerly Dora Keogh)

Please join myself on fiddle and Brian Taheny on guitar/banjo/bazouki/mandolin/fiddle for some familiar and not so familiar tunes from Ireland, Scotland and the east coast of Canada. All skill levels are welcome and any instrument as well!! Every Tuesday evening at 8pm at my favourite pub in the city!!

Re: Noonan’s Pub (formerly Dora Keoghs)

I am a thinking about checking out the session at Noonans. I see that there is a Tuesday and a Sunday session. Does anyone know if they differ in skill level? Would either one better suited to a beginner/intermediate flute player like myself?


Steve B

Re: Noonan’s Pub (formerly Dora Keoghs)

Due to circumstances beyond my control the Thursday night night session will not be returning to Noonan’s (Dora’s). It’s a real pity as it was Canada’s longest running session and the longest running regular house gig of any music genre in Toronto. We’re doing our best to find an alternative venue and will let everyone know when that happens. Thanks to everyone who supported this session over the last 25 years or more, regulars and visitors alike.

Re: Noonan’s Pub (formerly Dora Keoghs)

So sorry to hear this, Pat. Hope you rise again in a new spot!

Re: Noonan’s Pub (formerly Dora Keoghs)

Sooooo… Tuesdays at 9:00?

Re: Noonan’s Pub (formerly Dora Keoghs)

I think it’s 7:30. It’s usually listed on the website— it’s not every single week, tho, so best to check!