93-95, Academy Street, Inverness, Highlands, Scotland

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Friday night session at The Blackfriar’s

The session goes on between 9.30 pm and 12.30 am. Come along and join in, or just have a listen and enjoy some great beer!

McEwan’s variety?

Am I correct that these are McEwan’s Sessions?

I believe the hosts vary from week to week?

You’re absolutely right!

Yes, these are McEwan’s sessions up until the end of June (with various hosts), but I think the pub is planning to keep the sessions going after that as well.

New session times!

Also, the times for the sessions are now changed to 9 pm to 12 midnight!

Are the sessions still going?


I’m visiting Scotland this summer with some friends, and we will stay near Inverness from 11th to 18th August. We would love to join a session and play, so I would like to know what of the listed sessions are still alive 🙂

Is the one at The Blackfriar’s still going?

Thank you in advane; greetings from Spain!