Pug Mahon’s Irish Pub

3011 1st Avenue North, Billings, Montana, USA

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Billings, MT session

Greetings - we have an informal session on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month at Pug Mahon’s Pub. We start about 8 pm and play for a couple of hours. All are welcome to join us!

Change in day for session

Howdy - we have changed from Wednesday night to every Friday night as of August 2010. We start around 8 pm and play until we are tired. We now mix our music between traditional Irish and Scottish tunes with a bunch of songs we have learned - it seems to keep the bar patrons happy and listening.

We love to have visitors and all are welcome - beginners and advanced players alike. We pride ourselves on being a very friendly session.


Change in contact person

Hi all - as I am heading off to a new job in the Washington DC area, I have changed the contact person for this session to Patrick Bjorndal - our lead bouzouki/banjo player and singer…he can answer all your questions about the Billings session.


Change in contact person again.

I will be moving to Kalispell area for the next year to work. Will try to get someone to step up and be the new contact person.


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contact person

I’d be happy to be the contact person for this session.

the other Patrick

P.S. We are still meeting every Friday evening at 8pm.

Added contact

I have returned to Billings after two years in DC, so am happy to answer any questions on our Friday 8 pm session.

Dave McGinnis (aka irishrhythm)

Glad you’re back, Dave!

Enjoyed this session!

It was great getting to meet and play with you folks on Fridays down at Pug’s - if only I had not contracted Whistle Accumumulation Disease in the process….Hopefully our musical paths will cross again either here in Billings or out in Memphis.


Re: Pug Mahon’s Irish Pub

Is this still going?

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Re: Pug Mahon’s Irish Pub

Gonzo, sorry to have missed your comment for so long. Yes, this session is still going strong every Friday night at 8pm.

Re: Pug Mahon’s Irish Pub

Sadly, the owner of Pug Mahon’s passed away just last weekend and the pub is closing. Our last session there will be tomorrow night. End of an era. When we find a new place to set up a session, I will add it on this site.