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Lithgow Folk Club

FIRST SUNDAY OF EVERY MONTH - A good monthly session, frequented by a solid core of players and singers, keen to reel out a few old songs and tunes.

Hmm, it’s not very Irish though is it? The last time I went a few weeks ago, it seemed to be very old-timey. I heard like one Irish tune (Leitrim Fancy) in the space of half an hour. Do you ever have Irish sessions there? Can you give us some more specific information?

It’s as Irish as you want to make it. If you stand up and play you’ll find at least half a dozen players stand up with you.

Lithgow is one of the oldest melting-pots of western European culture in Australia. Irish, Welsh, Scottish and Cornish place names dominate the valley. outside this pub the last sabre charge against Australian mine workers was conducted in 1927 - 30 good men were killed. So a good union tune will go down well. Our martyres would appreciate a tune.

Lithgow is also home to many world class players and luthiers. Harp maker Linda Mehrens, Whistle maker Erle Bartlett (Syn, Black Diamond), Pipe maker Ian McKenzie, Flute maker Russel Serov, Irish singer Martyn Doherty, Writer/comedian John Doyle (H.G.Nelson) and more. Many of these attend the session.

Sure there are north American influences, but, depending on the day, Irish trad dominates as the night wears-on.

The Courty session is good for beginners and experienced players alike - just stand up and play, we don’t care about the wood - the fire’s what’s important. So come, stand up and be counted - all you will get is appreciation.

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Dow can’t stand up to play a tune cos his trousers are ripped.
Sounds like a good session though.

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Now, now, kids, play nice in the back seat there, or else I’m turning this car around and there’ll be NO Willy Clancy School for anyone! Hey Mozle, well said, the sesh is what we make it. Some weeks we let the ‘country’ or ‘nondescript-folky’ side weigh in a bit because, as it states on the door - it’s the LITHGOW FOLK CLUB session, not a specifically IRISH session (despite what I or others may prefer) and as the evening gets more and more ‘on’, the tunesmiths come out of the shadows and cranck ‘em up a bit more. So, to whomsoever wisheth to stick their hand into this fire, begrudge less, play more.

This one still going?

Time of day?

I come up pretty often to the SAF, usually day trip mid-week but one never knows …

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Re: Court House Hotel

Now at the Grand Central Hotel from 4pm onwards, first Sunday every month.

Re: Grand Central Hotel

Now at the Courthouse again, same time

Re: The Courthouse Hotel

The Courthouse is closed again, so we’re meeting at the Commercial, 4pm, 1st Sunday of the month.