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Session at the Family pub Katoomba

Now here’s a diddly music session worth a visit.

For me it was the place where I got shown Mike Grinter’s #1 flute - man, that thing honks!

4pm till closing.

It’s held in the courtyard and has ample heating on cold days. The resident cockatoo likes to sing-along (but he bites - so no fingers in the cage!)

Free drinks for active players.

Depending on the day you will find a very active audience among which are many suopporters of the trad.

The Irish music tradition is very strong in the upper Blue Mountains. This session is very rich in Flautists, Accordion and Citern/Bouzouki/mandolin/guitar and fiddle. I, for one would love to see more pipers and whistlers to make this great sesh even more magical. It’s already very good.

The standard is medium to high - tunes are played full speed. However, beginners are made very welcome.

Although a core Irish trad theme pervades, there is room for the odd song, gypsy melody, Klezmer or bluegrass.

But the bestest thing about this sesh is that it is EVERY Sunday!

No excuses - if you love trad and you’re in the mountains; Sunday evening, get yerself to the Family pub - you won’t regret it! (And you might find yerself making more excuses to come - do the walks, breathe the clean mountain air and play some great music - this place has to be experienced to be believed).

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Cheers ears; Yeah, I really should make the great trek (all 12 k or so) to Kedumba to check this one out. Given its weekliness, I can still fit 3 a month in - yay us! And here’s to more whistling!

Well, that was fun wasn’t it? A nice mix of seasoned players and a few beginners (like me)… a good balance of tunes and songs (none of this anti-singer bollix) and mainly trad tunes for most of the evening, with a great leavening of gypsy/Arabic/world music influences. All this and great food too… ah, I’ll be back fer sure. Maith sibh féin!