Ye Olde Elm Tree

12, Crossgate, Durham, Durham, England

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Very friendly session, with excellent musicians and a good choice of beer.

The Monday session is usually faster than the Tuesday one. The Monday session is actually the former Colpitts session.

Monday / Tuesday Nights Fun

Popped in last week, to find quite a full session for a Monday, despite being out of term. The ITM standard (and the speed) were very high.

Returned on Tuesday, for a more leisurely paced tune-swap with a really friendly, welcoming bunch of sessioneers (some from the night before). As expected, a few more Northumbrian tunes played.

Mon & Tues still on

Comments above still accurate. Usually going by 8 or so on Monday, 8.45 or so on Tuesday. Last orders around 11.

This is up there as one of the best sessions in the North-East, worth the trip from Newcastle!

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Still going strong.

Carrying on nearly 40 years of Monday night sessions in Durham. Get there for 8. Also on Tuesday nights.

tuesday 22 Dec

I’m visiting Durham in Dec. Capetonian flute/whistle player. Any chance there’d be a session the Tuesday before Christmas?


I visited both nights while working in Newcastle, both nights were very welcoming. I enjoyed both nights, faster on Monday as they said above, with a more unusual selection of tunes, to my ear anyway. I ate in the pub too as it was the closest eating place to my hotel, food was good too, they serve till 9.

Re: Ye Olde Elm Tree

Monday session still going strong. Everyone welcome. Sort of Irish style but any good dance tunes welcome.
Come on you youngsters, we are all getting on a bit!!! I think the Tuesday session is still on as well.

Re: Ye Olde Elm Tree

Tuesday session also still going strong. As noted in other postings above, it’s less high-flying than the Monday one. Monday includes people like Paul Archer and Martin Matthews who have been playing together professionally and otherwise for decades. (So not a good idea to start a well-known tune at half-speed.) Tuesday includes whoever comes.

Re: Ye Olde Elm Tree

Elm Tree situation is still as in the two postings above. - If you’re heading for Durham and want session info, it’s best to go to the “Durham Folk Sessions” Facebook page, where you can post a message that might get a fairly quick reply. If you’re hoping to attend the Tuesday Elm Tree sesh, and you post this fact on that page, this might encourage more local musickers to drop in.

Re: Ye Olde Elm Tree

Back on.
Almost as if it never stopped 😊