The Dun Cow

37 Old Elvet, Durham, Durham, England

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Excellent session, usually quite fast but friendly to slower people like me. Irregular attendance, ranging from no one arround to very busy. Lots of Northumbrian music.

The local group Horseplay come to this one: their speciality is the old Border Bagpipe repertoire of Northern England and Lowland Scotland, as it is being discovered in old tunebooks and identified in tunes still extant.

Thursday Night’s Fun

Concluded my Durham sojourn last week at an excellent session with a really friendly and welcoming crew of sessioneers (some I met at the Elm Tree).
The ITM was speedy but Northumbrian tunes interspersed on a good variety of instruments.
Beer selection not to Elm Tree standards but very quaffable.

Still going, still fun

Usually gets rolling by 8:30 or so, til 11pm. Crowded but always welcoming and fun.

Thanks for the warm welcome, folks. Lovely session in a great pub. Very friendly players. Many Northumbrian tunes played, none of which I knew but great to listen to. Can’t say I’ll be back soon but if I’m ever up in Durham on a Thursday again, guess where I’ll be!

Called in tonight to try out my first session with NE tunes but no one around (9ish). Is there any way of finding out if a session’s happening? Cheers

The strong players who started this session seem to have stopped coming - they have many musical and other commitments - so it has rather died the death, though it would be premature to declare it extinct. Some individuals with instruments still trail down now and then.

(Ah, it’s Andy! I’ve probably told you the above already…)

Dun Cow Session Alive again?

I used to join sessions at the Dun Cow on Thursday nights about ten years ago. Visiting again soon: is it still going?
I remember a flute player (who is a medic and also played an Aebi flute), an accordion player (who was a school teacher and rugby coach), a legendary spoons player, good ale…………..

Re: The Dun Cow

Joey Oliver and Alex Wade have revived the session as a once-a-month, on the last Thursday of each month. Theoretically starts at 8, but really maybe not til 9pm. It’s happened 2 of the last 3 times - small but fun. (Bennie, glad you could join one of these.) To find out if it’s happening each time, go to and ask.

Re: The Dun Cow

Happens less regularly now, so if you’re heading for Durham and want this session, it’s best to go to the “Durham Folk Sessions” Facebook page ( you can post a message that might get a fairly quick reply.

Re: The Dun Cow

Doesn’t happen at all now.