The Chemic Tavern

9 Johnston St, Headingley, Leeds, Yorkshire, England

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Irish Session

A VERY freindly pub with a healthy mix of students, musicians and visitors plays host every Wednesday night to an intimate Irish Session.
This session is fairly new, but apart from August is usually well attended. (around 8 to 12 musicians usually. mostly fiddles, flutes, banjo, mandolin and accompanying instruments, but sometimes a squeezebox or pipes, who knows?)
Jigs, Reels etc, an occasional song, and no worries if you want to play the odd Scottish or English tune!
Beginners welcome, if you buy me a pint he he.
Speaking of which, real ales are available at very reasonable prices.
Games available for those who like scrabble, bucking bronco and mousetrap etc!
Start: 9 O’clock, finish 11.30 ish.
All acoustic.

Very friendly indeed. I attended for the first time last week. We didn’t bring our instruments but plan on bringing / playing next week!

There were loads of musicians--about 14 or so, so the plan is to get there early in order to get a seat.

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So is it still rocking at the Chemic?

It sure is! A good number of musicianers and a gentle vibe make this my fav session for a long while. Plenty of room for beginners/masters but thankfully no attitude from anyone. Good little room, good little audience and still the best bet around Leeds/Bradford? I was wrong about it being a young session, its been going for years! Usually finishes around 12, starts 9 ish. ; )

French Music at the Chemic

There is a session of French Traditional Music on the First Thursday of the month at the Chemic .. starts about 8pm

Still goin!

Still going strong, 9 people in, two giturs, a banjo, a good whistler a c**p whistler (me) a pair of fiddles, a button accordion and about 5 songs i know :D

Supurb fun, will be back, weekly.

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The Chemic

I just had a weeks holiday in and around Leeds, and made my way over to the Chemic on the Wednesday night
I was made very welcome and enjoyed the evening - good mix of musicians and nice variety of good tunes
Not too fast and played with feeling
Thanks for the evening and I will visit again if I am ever up to Leeds again

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Fine session

Dropped in last evening, Wednesday July 13, 2011. Three or four fiddlers, an accordion, a piano accordion, two mandolins (I was one), a couple of whistles, a flute, a couple of guitars, a couple of bouzoukis, a couple of bodhrans. I arrived around 9:30 and things packed up around 11:45. Quite friendly, some very brisk tempos, a good range of tunes, and grand craic.

---Michael B.

Irish Trad Session

Is it still going, would love to pop over if it is for a few tunes

Scottish night at the Chemic

There is now a Scottish night on the third Sunday of the month starting at 7.00pm.

The Chemic Tavern

Weekly slow to medium Irish music session. Ideal for beginners, confidence building or simply practising tunes.

All levels, abilities and instruments welcome!

Re: The Chemic Tavern, 7pm - 8.30pm

A great pub with good beer and a cosy atmosphere, complete with friendly staff. (Can I just mention the French Music session, held in the same place at 8.00pm on the first Thursday of each month? Same conditions as Sarah’s post above.)
If you need satnag, the pub is on Johnston Street, Leeds.


Chris Brownbridge

Re: The Chemic Tavern, 7pm - 8.30pm

Whoops! Sarah’s already given the full address! Sorry about that.

Chris Brownbridge

Chemic Tavern - Monday session - learning Irish tunes group

To avoid confusion, a separate listing for the Monday session 7pm til 8.30ish (pub quiz starts at 9pm). This is a welcoming early evening session for anyone who’s learning tunes from the traditional Irish session repertoire, or practicing them, or improving on them. Everyone’s welcome. It’s not necessarily a ‘slow’ session or a ‘beginners’ session but it happily accommodates both.

There’s a Facebook page

Learning Irish traditional tunes in Leeds

This slower session is for learners and started weekly on Mondays from 2015 and is still going strong in 2019. Official time 7-8.30pm but often people arrive earlier. (The pub allows you to bring fish n chips in from next door which is great! )
There is a Facebook page with the same name which provides a list of often played tunes. You can also contact Jane Turner 07966585162/ for further information.

Post lockdown

Wednesday sessions will resume outdoors/indoors as restrictions are lifted in April/May, but may be limited in numbers, check the Facebook page for details.

Monday group now at 6pm

The Monday session / tune learners group is now running an hour earlier, 6-7.30pm (pub quiz starts at 8pm now). Check the Facebook page for updates.