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Friday at the Tap & Spile

I’ve known about this session for quite some time but only managed to get down there last night. The session starts around 8.30 - 9.00 and finishes at midnight. The numbers and ability of players varies but I’m told there are normally 3 or 4 who can hold the session together (There were 2 good melodeon players and a couple of guitars and whistles when I went). Some very good singers about the place too! All musicians get a free drink. ANYTHING GOES! Seriously. Cajun, Irish, Scottish, Irish, Blues, English, Songs and this really helps with a city as small as York. Good atmosphere and the regulars fill up the spaces and join in. A good craic. Great session for beginners and professionals not looking for something to demanding or extreme (in my opinion). A good laugh!


Oh yeah, and it’s a real ale pub with at least 4 guest beers on regularly (if that floats your boat).

Yes! I’ve been there a few times now…lovely session…you’ve forgotten that SCANDINAVIAN GOES!!

Well, that’s been the case when i’ve been there since i’m the one who starts one off!

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Tap and spile ,monkgate ,york

a very lively mixed session of tunes and songs anchored by steve thompson on fiddle and box. not exclusively "irish" but good crack .and in a good real ale pub too. on the downside it is crowded and the punters are v noisy. if in york check it out,frank p

The same session

This session is already listed here:


it has the correct map, address and telephone number there as well.

Frank, please check if a session is already listed on the site before posting it here as well.

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New Home?

In tonight’s York paper (27/11/10) it was announced that the Tap had shut because the company owning it had gone into administration. I don’t know what will happen to the session, but I can’t imagine that it will stop because of a little thing like being homeless!

I am given to understand that the session has moved to The Lion and Lamb - just outside Bootham Bar. Sorry I can’t put in a map, but I just can’t technolise the method.

Sorry - The Lamb and Lion!

Session has moved back

I have just rang the Lamb and Lion Inn and they have told me that the Tap and Spile has re-opened again and that the music session has gone back to the Tap and Spile.

By the sounds of it the Lamb and Lion was just a temporary place for the session!

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I am told that the Tap session has moved to The Shoulder of Mutton on Heworth Green because of unresolvable artistic policies with the new Tap landlord. How permanent this will be, I don’t know.

Currently at The Victoria Vaults, Nunnery Lane by the walls.