Joe May’s

23 Harbour Road, Skerries, Dublin, Ireland

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Tuesday tunes ; Sunday songs and tunes

Tuesday night approx 10pm start for tunes.
Sunday night approx 9.30pm start for half & half songs and tunes.
Rule 1: All welcome but if you blot your copybook you won’t be as welcome next time.
Rule 2: Don’t say where you heard about the session.

Tuesday night

You’re in trouble now, Kevin, if your dare show your face on tuesday again!!

BTW, just to be clear, Tuesday = tunes!!! No compromise (except maybe through loudly grating teeth!).



Sunday night discontinued

The Sunday night session didn’t last long due to early morning commitments on Mondays !!

Friday session

The weekly Friday session in Skerries is currently to be found in Joe May’s pub at the Harbour. 10pm start (not usually punctual).

Tuesday session

Tuesday session now runs from 9 to 11. We’ve acquired some sense.


Tuesday session

Too many people away so the Tuesday session won’t be happening again until the middle of August (2016).