High Street, Trim, Meath, Ireland

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I passed through Trim in mid-July and stumbled upon this session. I was very warmly received by the four players there (pipes, box, whistle and guitar/vocals). A high standard of music, and a straightforward, accessible style of playing. Jigs and reels with an occasional smattering of quality Irish nostalgia for good measure.

I think there may be sessions there on other nights of the week as well.

I was here in mid-May 2007 as a listener and can confirm the above. Good atmosphere, the pub was "well attended", but the crowd noise was of the sort that wasn’t hurtful to the experience.
Our host informed us that traditional music was to be found in Trim on the rest of the week as follows:

Monday: Bounty Bar, Bridge St.
Tuesday: Dunsany GAA Centre
Wednesday: The Emmett
Thursday: The Steps
Friday: Marcie’s

I didn’t visit any of these places, so I can’t confirm it.

Re: Brogan’s

Marcie Regan’s pub has a fun Friday night session. It’s worth it just to see a real old fashioned pub, but the hospitality in those tiny rooms is huge. Still going strong last week (September 2019)