The Corner House

1 Derrymacash Road, Lurgan, Armagh, Northern Ireland

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Corner House Session Starting again after 10years

Just to let everyone know that the Corner house is starting a Trad/Folk Session again starting Mon October 9th at 9:30pm.
All Musicians Welcome.
The Monday night session used to run for about 20years but after being bought over a few years ago it stopped.
Just recently it has been bought over again and the new owners wish to get the session up and running again.

So I hope to see you there.
There will be four musicians starting it off.
Fiddle, Tenor Banjo, Acoustic Guitar, Singers, flutes and more.

Should be a good gathering tonight. I let the glenavy boys know about it and alot of the lurgan crowd should be heading as well. See you there tonight!

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When is the next Traditional Session?

6th July 2008

Could someone please tell me when is the next Traditonal session on at The Corner House?