The Edinburgh

4 Sandown Lane, Liverpool, Merseyside, England

  • Schedule: Monday.

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Liverpool sessions

Does anyone know anything about the Edinburgh session Monday nights in Liverpool? Might like to go…

Just to say this session is still going strong. Last Monday we had a great crowd., lots of lovely tunes. There is a core of around 8-10 locals some or all of whom get down most weeks and then there are a number of musicians who travel from further afield on a fairly regular basis. Of course as wilth most sessions it ‘s pot luck on the night but you would be very unlucky to turn up and not get a tune 🙂

Just to let anyone here who’s looking know that it is highly unlikely there will be a session at The Edinburgh on Monday June 4th 2012 due to the presence of a Jubilee celebration street party right outside the pub ! 🙁 Never mind I’m sure all will be back to normal on the 11th 🙂

Still going strong and a lovely contribution from some Spanish visitors tonight, Louis, Miguel, Angel and Pedro. thank you so much for stopping in on your way home from The Manx Festival 🙂 It was much appreciated, please come again soon

Thank you all indeed. We appreciate a lot playing with you, and Miguel, Pedro and Ángel enjoyed your music instruments (next time they won’t "forget" them at the hotel). Please if any of you are planning to come to Granada (to visit the Alhambra), Málaga (to rest in the Coast of the Sun) or to the Cáceres Irish Fleadh (beginning of November, let us know (, you are very welcome.

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Went along there on Monday last, 10 core musicians, very good standard and very friendly people, guiness was good and I really felt welcome, would recommend this session to anyone going to Liverpool to look it up on a Monday night, runs from 9ish until midnight. £2.30 on the bus from main station and 7 quid for a taxi home, thanks flossie and the crew.

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session on 29 July 2013?

I’ll be visiting my brother, with fiddle in hand. Does anyone know if the session will be running on Monday 29 July?

session on 29 July 2013?

I’m sure it will be Brian, usually starts about 9pm.

Is this session still on the go, I’m possibly visiting Jan or Feb?

Re: The Edinburgh

I’m a flute player from Italy, I’ll be in Liverpool the 7th of august, is it possible to play some tunes at the session?

Re: The Edinburgh

Now up and running again after lock down!