The Fastnet Pub

1 Broadway, Newport, Rhode Island, USA

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New Sunday 4-7 PM Session in Newport, RI, starting 10/15/2006

4-7 PM
Hosted by A O Gutierrez (fiddle) , Tim May (guitar, banjo) , and Jack Wright (fiddle, melodeon).
We’d love to see local Rhode Islanders, and SE Massachusetts folks who have learned about this new session from this website. We’d also love to have ITM musical guests from all over the world who happen to be in Newport, RI, USA on late Sunday afternoons.

Useful information

The pub is in the location that used to known as Aidan’s.
If you’re in town and looking for “The Fastnet Pub” , a local would know where to direct you to based upon this fact.

More useful information

A variety of gems can be found in the following discussion regarding a session all the way around the world in Australia
that can help a newcomer understand our approach
at this session in Newport, Rhode Island, USA every Sunday.

Still going strong…

One year has passed since the first session at the Fastnet. We’re still going strong every Sunday. Thank you to the pub management and to the regular and guest musicians that have made this a success so far!

2 Years and counting since we started…

We’re still here every Sunday from 6-9 PM during the summer, and from 5-8 PM between Labor Day and Memorial Day.

Etc. Etc..

It’s been 3 years now - that’s over 150 Sundays!!
If we make it to 10 years, that’s when I’ll update this again…
Hours are now: 5-9 PM fall, winter, spring
6-10 PM in the summer…

This session is still going strong.

Official time of Fastnet session is now 6-9 PM year round…

6-9 PM year-round. There should be no more confusion about the hours for the Fastnet session. We have been here for 8 years now…over 400 Sundays!!

Re: The Fastnet Pub

Checking in April 2018…We’re still here…We started 550 Sundays ago!!

Re: The Fastnet Pub

We hope to get back to the pub as soon as we all believe that we’re not risking our lives to play tunes in close proximity to crowds of exuberant drinkers, crooners, and strangers who are friends that we’ve not met yet. We are very grateful that the pub owner is as patient as we are, and he, (and the staff), is looking forward to our return on the next Sunday that makes sense for all of us. See you then!!!

Re: The Fastnet Pub

It’s time to return to the local pub!! The Fastnet Pub Sunday Irish Music Session is back!!! On Sunday July 18th, 2021 we will be back at the Fastnet Pub in Newport, RI, at 1 Broadway from 6-9 PM. We started there in October 2006. Thanks to Proprietor Finbarr “Butch” Murray, there has been a weekly home for traditional Irish music in Newport going on 15 years now. The session is happening once a month during the summer of 2021. So put Sunday July 18 and Sunday August 15 on your calendar. Then, just like in the past, we’ll start regularly every Sunday on September 12, 2021.

Re: The Fastnet Pub

6- 9 PM - 2nd and 4th Sundays of the month starting on Sunday, September 12, 2021.
If we are not in the main bar section then we are on the patio if the weather is appropriate.
Here is our schedule for the rest of 2021.
2nd and 4th Sundays
September 12, September 26
October 10, October 24
November 14, November 28
December 12, December 26

Re: The Fastnet Pub

We’re back!!! Starting next Sunday February 20, 2022 - the session is on - and EVERY SUNDAY thenceforth
6-9 PM.

It has been a challenging 2 years since the start of the pandemic, but we are optimistic about the future.

We always welcome experienced Celtic musical guests from all over the world who happen to be in Newport, RI, USA on early Sunday evenings.