Brendan Behan Pub

378 Centre Street, Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts, USA

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Brendan Behan’s

There used to be a session here where George Keith, Dave Corey, Dan Isaacson, Ted Davis, Tina & Pierre Leck etc.. frequented. That all ended when someone in the neighborhood complained about loud music (complaining about the loud juke-box or rock bands etc) they had to shut down ALL the music, including this great session. They finally can do music again - I know that Noel Scott (box), Chris McGrath (fiddle, concertina) & Ted Davis (guitar, flute) will be the anchors of the session. They’re all good players & I like the pub alot - so it should be good. I’ll let you guys know…


This session is on hold indefinitely

Back to life

As of summer 2006, the BB is back in biz, Saturdays from approx. 4-7 p.m.

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Time change

From what I understand, the session now (as of summer 2008) runs 5-8 p.m.

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Even though all the individuals named in the initial post have been occasionally seen at the Behan since its resurrection, the new BB session is anchored by Cara Frankowicz (fiddle), Pat Murray (pipes) and James Hamilton (flute).