The Kings Arms

10 Highgate, Heaton, Bradford, Yorkshire, England

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Sunday Sessions

The new owners of the KA, Andy and Rosie, have asked me to try arrange a session on Sunday nights, 8.30 p.m onwards.
I have some decent interest for the first one (Nov 12) and should see musicians from Leeds, Oxenhope, Bradford and Holmfirth supporting.
A free pint and a bite to eat is on the table too for this traditional Irish session, singers and guitarists (OK and bodhran players too lol) welcome.
A good traditon of music on Sundays was in evidence at the Melbourne for a number of years now sadly closed, and so here is a fresh chance to escape the box and the nagging wife/husband ha ha.
Hand pulled should be on by then Landlord etc rumoured.
Be great to see you, Woodyboy, i.e. Steve.
I’ll be there with my fiddle, whistle and drum so maybe see you on the 12th?

I was there last night for the first session. The pub is warm and inviting and the musicians (some familiar faces from the Chemic session in Leeds) were friendly and welcoming. I felt comfortable sitting on the outer edge of the circle (my level is intermediate at best) and recognized many tunes I knew and played along on several. We intend to come back again, hopefully on a semi-regular basis.

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Re this session

Hi folks, hows you?
Sorry to inform but this sesion is on the back-burner for now, till we get more interest.
Very good turn-out first night, but so many probs with transport for peeps from Leeds etc we ran out of musicians.
Will keep y’all posted.
Look at the Chemic Session Leeds for nearest good bash, Weds.

Re: The Kings Arms

Currently closed and awaiting redevelopment.