Sean Kelly’s Irish Pub

720 St Louis, In The French Quarter, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

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New session

this session has only just started and is only scheduled for 2 days
so far; the 2nd of december and the 16th of december, from 8 pm
to 12 pm. it is also a celi so whether you dance or play feel free to come along. o r just come to watch.

the session on the 16th has now been canceled. but the one on the 2nd was a great night. alot of great dancing and music. keep an eye on this to find out when it will be on again after christmas.

another session has been scheduled for the 6th january 2007. all welcome, including children.

Sean Kelly’s session

Stopped in for the session Jan. 6. Great night altogether, led by Rich on fiddle with Valerie and Don down from Jackson, Noel leading the dancers, lots of community involvement. 12th Night festivities going on in the Quarter, felt like the City was on the mend despite the residual horrors. Cheers!

More sessions

more sessions/ celi organised for
jan 27th 2007
feb 3rd 2007
feb 24th 2007
all start at 8pm and run till about 12pm. children are welcome!
all dancers musicians and watchers come along for a great night.

St. patrick’s day session and more

more sessions/celli’s have been organised including march 17th 2007, a st patrick’s day celli and session, from 8pm till 12ish.

march 17th 2007
march 31st 2007
april 21st 2007

all start at 8pm and go till about 12ish. all dancers, musicians and watchers welcome, including children. hope to see a good turn out, especially for st. paddys day! and if ye can’t make it, hope ye all drown the shamrock some where fun!

More session/celli’s

august 11th 2007
august 25th 2007
september 15th 2007
september 29th 2007
everybody welcome for tunes and dancing. starts at 8pm and goes till about 12

Sean Kelly’s pub closes down

unfortuntly, sean keally has decided to close the pub for financial reasons i’m told. so no more sessions/celis for now. but who knows, maybe the new owner will keep it an irish pub and want some more.