Casa Das Crechas

Via Sacra, 3, Santiago De Compostela, Galiza, Spain

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Foliada session

Every thursday we play for many hours galician traditional, balcanic and irish music. We use to play fiddle, flute, whistles, guitar, accordion, galician pipes or gaita, etc.

Re: Foliada

Is this still going? I’m in town next week, cheers

Re: Foliada

I was in Santiago last month (July 2018) Couldn’t find any publicity about sessions, but happened across one.
Music stunning, and at professional level. I’d say more a listening session than joining.
3 fiddles, pipes, guitar, flute, bodhrain.
They told me it is mostly Asturian tunes.
I couldn’t have managed to join in other than quietly as is alien..and wonderful. But it is doable and I will learn some tunes I recorded. I guess I’m allowed to post a video on here?

Do try it though. They were friendly and allowed some Irish visiting players to start some tunes, and me in their break, with a kindly (reluctantly) loaned fiddle. NB they know Scottish and Irish tunes as much as I know Gallician/Asturian)
But great to listen to anyway. Bar called La Gramola, very central in Cervantes Square. I think it was a Tuesday.
Stop press: just found the core of the group here.

Re: Casa Das Crechas

If you´re going to santiago, be sure to check both A Gramola and Casa das Crechas.

Both have (very good) bands playing traditional galician music on several days and A Gramola has a session, usually on saturdays. Just ask the bartenders at each pub on the day of your arrival about the music. The bands are worth listening to and usually also worth paying an entrance fee (if there is one).