El Poney Pisador

Periodista Antonio Rodríguez Mesa 10, Córdoba, Andalucia, Spain

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Session at the pony pisador

Weekly, all saturdays, you’ll find the most pure traditional irish music, between 16’00 to 21’00h. This a little far from downtown but the acoustics is extremely good. Don’t doubt in visiting to us, if you are close!!

Deagh Cèol


servilletas (the napkings) was there

Session not recommended

Session for the very beginners, no knowledge of people who come to play, plus the acoustics are terrible, freaky place, ideal to get bored, players who play every week are also very rude and ignorant of the Irish music.


Any Sessions in Pnom Penh, Cambodia

I am heading to Pnom Penh for a few days anybody know of any musicians there, thanks. Rob

Session at the pony pisador

Good session, and nice musicians.


Thank you to Roisin in the lasts sessions, great box player from Glasgow. Hope you’ll come back soon!

Not a chance! We have her back now and are not letting her go! 🙂

Thanx for the link. That’s great! Greetings from Spain

Some updates

I enjoy a lot every time I play in Poney Pisador. Let me update some things:

- It is an open session, anyone can join and play.

- A wide variety of type of tunes are played, not only reel after reel, but jigs, hornpipes, marches, polkas, slip jigs…

- Although it is usually held on SOME sundays, there is not a fixed day for the session nowadays. You should ask whether people is going to meet or not, and when. You can write to this eMail to ask:


- A session can be specially arranged if any musician from abroad tells us about coming a specific day 😉