The Black Swan

154 Danforth Ave., Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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The new home of an old session.

Over the years it’s moved from the Green Room, the Black Rooster, the Victory Cafe, the Bow and Arrow and now here. We started up in September at the Swan and it looks like it’s going to stick for a while, so I think it’s okay to post it here. The owner, bartender and regulars are really into it at this stage.

Playing level is intermediate, welcoming to beginners and we can mostly keep up when the “A” list players from around town drop in. Friendly hosts who have been known to play the odd Old Time, Quebec, or Breton tune to augment the mainly Irish and Cape Breton repertoire. A song will creep in once in a while, but it’s mainly a tune session.

We usually get started around 9pm and play til 1 or so.

Now on Thursday Nights

We’re happy to report that the weekly session at the Black Swan will now be on Thursdays starting this week (Nov 22/07). We’re told that unlike Wednesdays there will not be anything booked in upstairs, so the noise level should only be generated by us and the exuberant huzzahs from the punters.

The owner, bartenders and regulars are very supportive and enthusiastic about the session. We’re having fun.

Goin’ strong.

Still having fun on Thursday nights!

I’d love to know if this is still in full swing!

Still happening

Every Thursday night, starting around 9:00. Mostly Irish, some Cape Breton

May be a little sporadic in the summer.

Any reports if this is still going?

Also, two sessions on the same night at the same time directly across the street from one another? Is this some sort of “rival gang” thing? ;)

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Re: The Black Swan

This is still going, and going strong. They sometimes start early for some old time tunes. The pace was great for me. A pair of banjo players keep the session rolling. Don’t be afraid to kick off a set, but hesitate and you’ll miss out!

Great people here too.

@cbw: The session at Dora’s is apparently very high tempo, and there are enough players to go around. The players often mix between the two sessions.

Re: The Black Swan

Is this still going? Many thanks!

Re: The Black Swan

After the pandemic induced hiatus of March 2020, we finally started up again in March 2022. The session has been consistently well attended with friends both old and new since then.

We’re starting earlier these days, with some regulars arriving around 8pm most weeks. Pumpkin time is usually around 11, but often goes later: last night we wrapped up just before midnight.

The session is inclusive, friendly and the playing is intermediate/solid with a pretty broad repertoire.

Dec. 23, 2022.

Re: The Black Swan

Hi there,
I’ll be visiting my father in Toronto next month with my fiddle and wanted to see if the Thursday session is still going strong.