Irish Rover

Groß Neumarkt 8, Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany

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Irish Rover

Nice session in the heart of Hamburg.
Starts early enough on Sunday night (7ish).
Can be anything between 4 to 15 musicans.
Boxes, fiddles, flutes, pipes, some backing (bouz, guit, 1 very good bodh, some less good bodhs)

Is it actually there

this session still goes on ?

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Yes, still on.

This session is still up and running as of Christmas 2006…

This session is still up and running as of october 2008. Start time seems to be more around 8pm.

10 Years Anniversary Session in the Irish Rover

The session with the longest tradition in Hamburg celebrates the 10th anniversary in the Irish Rover, Grossneumarkt 8, D-20259 Hamburg. There will be a big Christmas Session with musiscians from neighbouring towns on 19th of December 2008.

The session is up and running every sunday and featuring new young talented musicians as well as old masters.

Schedule change: session starts earlier

From end of march 2010 on, the Irish Rover Session will start every sunday at 6 pm.

Session moved to Titanic.

Due to problems with the neighbours, the session has moved to the Titanic from 8pm every Sunday.
I am not sure if this move is permanent or not?

Unsinkable session?

A bit less prone to flooding than Slattery’s was…

(Slattery’s really was under water on several occasions over the last few decades…)

Do you have members from Lübeck ?

Back in the Irish Rover

The session is back in the Irish Rover. Starts around 7 pm every Sunday. Have fun !

? Session on Easter 2015 ???

I will be in the area and would like to listen or join if the session will be running this Easter.
Any alternatives in the area?
Will be in Hamburg Friday 3. April - Monday 6. April in the morning.

Irish Rover Slow Session

We have a Slow Session in the Irish Rover in Hamburg. It takes place every two weeks on uneven weeks and it starts at 8:00 pm. We play from memory and from dots.

Re: Irish Rover Slow Session

The Slow Session is on Wednesday every two weeks.

Slow Session

Wednesdays in uneven calendar weeks, i.g. every fortnight

Re: Irish Rover

Also check out the Learner Session, Tuesdays on even calendar weeks, where you pimp up your Repertoire.

Re: Irish Rover

I will be in Hamburg on Wednesday 15 March and will have my whistle. Will there be a session that evening?

Re: Irish Rover

will there be a session on February 4th at six?
Uwe (from Ireland)

Session is back after Covid

This session is now back following a long closure of the cellar due to Covid regulations and construction work. Starts early around 6pm on Sundays.

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