Cafe SternChance

Schröderstiftstraße 7, Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany

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Beginner/intermediate session 8pm

We meet at 8pm and play till about 10.30.
We started as a group of people playing from sheet music and with other musical backgrounds. Now we still play a lot from sheet music, but many of the tunes we’ve been playing for a while, many of us know off by heart. We’ve grown a fairly large “tunebook” to go with the session, and I can bring a spare along if anyone contacts me in advance.
We’re playing in a practice room at the moment, not in the pub proper, but we plan to move to playing in either this or some other pub main room soon.
There are between 5 and 9 of us.
Speed is variable, depending on how long we’ve been playing a particular piece. rarely do we reach warp speed though…


Wow - I used to live in the Karolinenviertel (Glashüttenstraße). I often got off the U-Bahn at Sternschanze, and walk across the park and under the TV tower - how nostalgic. Good luck to you all.

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Battleground Sternschanze…

They are rebuilding the water tower in the park as a hotel. There are lots of protesters against this sell off of public land, since the park will be significantly diminished in size by the presence of the hotel even though the hotel will be mostly underground. And an equivalent large and permanent police presence while the hotel is being built. Altogether a bit annoying…

But I gather the alternative was that the tower disintegrated since no one else was willing to pay for it’s upkeep…

We have been moving into the other sessions around Hamburg bit by bit, mostly the Slattery’s session every second Sunday next to the fishmarket, and the new Woodpecker sessionn on (I think) the third Wednesday of each month. Repertoire and speed are growing although the group itself seems to be pretty fixed with only one new arrival in the last few months. We still meet in the Cafe Sternschanze on Wednesdays at the same time.

Cafe sternschanze is being rebuilt.

On the 17th of October 2007, the Session will be in the Woodpecker, after that, the Cafe Sternschanze is being rebult and we will be in a schoolroom for a while. Contact me for details on where. The Time will remain Wednesday evenings, from 8pm.

The third wednesdays in every month will be replaced by the session taking place in the Woodpecker on those days.


First Wednesday in the month, the session is a kitchen session - email me if you want to come.

Second and fourth Wednesdays in the month, the session is in Cafe Sternschanze at 8pm. Third Wednesday in the month, the session does not happen.

Many of the members of this session are also to be seen at the Slattery’s sessions every second sunday.

Currently defunct….

This session is currently defunct. It may reemerge sometime.

The players are mostly to be found in the Slattery’s session (also listed on this site.)

Re: Cafe Sternschance

This session is active again since a few years. It takes place every two weaks on even weeks at 20:30 in the cellar in room 5. We learn a new tune every time and play some of the tunes we already learned. Learning is by ear, sheet music is provided afterwards. Cafe Sternschance is located in the Schanzenpark, Schröderstiftstraße 7. For more information ( in german) visit: