The Half Moon

17 St. Clement’s Street, Oxford, Oxfordshire, England

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Half Moon Session

Music at the Half Moon starts at around half eight to nine o’clock on Sunday nights. It is fairly difficult to predict the nature of this session, because it depends on who’s in town on any particular Sunday. There are usually a fair few Morris tunes, and there will be traditional English songs, sung unaccompanied by several exceptionally talented musicians.
Other than a few regulars, musical ability is variable, and all are welcome, provided they leave the sheetmusic at home, and don’t try to dominate proceedings.
The good news for Irish musicians is that Joe is from West Clare, and Irish tunes are heartily welcomed. The bad news is that Joe might not let you leave until he’s heard enough.

Is this session still alive?

Hi, just wondering, as this was posted nearly a whole year ago, is this session still active, or has it died from inactivity?

Yup it’s definitely alive

Quite often toddles along until well after bed time 🙂

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Oh, that’s good

…Got any room for an extra violinist? =P

Joe’s gone, session’s still on…

Joe Ryan has moved on after 30 years of serving pints. The session’s still running strong, with a more English feel these days, and fewer songs. There are still Irish tunes (and French and Breton), and Jamie, the new landlord, is very much tune-friendly, so music can happen any night of the week.

is it still running regularly on Sundays, or just randomly during the week now?

Still on Sundays

Yep still on Sundays.

The randomness is extra! 🙂

Hi, is this session still going? Do you play any Irish stuff these days or is it mostly English?

Still Going

Seeing as the last update on this session was 3 years ago…..

The session is still taking place every Sunday night. Musical policy depends on who turns up: sometimes entirely Irish, sometimes entirely English, usually a mixture.

New Moon, Oxford

Popped by on spec - a packed session - mostly Irish tunes of very high-standard, with some trad English. Singers of quality as well.
Very friendly bunch - most enjoyable evening.
Real ale was top notch.


Is this session still going ?
Thinking of dropping in on

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Half moon oxford

Was in oxford for work last Sunday, brought my mandolin and went along to this session.

A very friendly and welcoming bunch and a lot of great tunes!!!!!

Definitely worth a visit!!!!!!!!!!!

Half Moon

Dropped in Sun 12/10 and found lovely session with some 10-12 great players, very welcoming, nice pace & wide range of tunes
Finished around 2am - thanks for the experience - I will definitely visit again when I can!

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Still running?


Re: The Half Moon

I visited the Half Moon this past Sunday evening. At 9 PM the session was already going strong, with about 10 musicians, all quite good. The tunes were primarily Irish, played at a nice tempo. I left at 11 PM but the place was still filling up so I imagine they played for several more hours. I recommend it, if you are in the area.

Re: The Half Moon

Great session with friendly and welcoming musicians.Ran from about 9pm to 12.30 am. Its so refreshing to see the bartenders ask the drinkers to quiet down whilst we played. Session was near to Xmas so I think there was a smaller number of players than normal, but the 7 of us played a varied set of mostly Irish trad. and with a lovely Irishman from Mayo singing a few beautifully even with laryngitus(Sp?).Next time in England its gonna be on my itinerary.

Re: The Half Moon

Not sure the Half Moon is open tonight as it is being refurbished. If it is closed, a couple of us are planning to relocate to the James St Tavern for the evening. Come and join us!

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Re: The Half Moon

Attended a session on Sunday November 4, 2018. 9PM-2AM. Well-attended with some good musicians. Tiny bar and started promptly at 9, so you might want to get there a bit before 9.

Re: The Half Moon

The Half Moon is being refurbished (yes, sessions are still going strong) - so this coming Sunday, the session will be at the lovely new Up in Arms pub in Marston. Starting from 8pm. Come along!

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Re: The Half Moon

The Moon is rising… opening up again this weekend, and session will be back at the Half Moon this coming Sunday

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Re: The Half Moon

Visited 10/10 at about 8.30pm and found about 10 young musicians, (at least young relative to me!), playing Irish tunes at a high standard, very welcoming with nice mix of instruments, a few nice songs, and had a lovely evenjng - I left about 12 O’clock.and it was still going strong. Will revisit when I can get up there again

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