McGinty’s Public House

911 Ellsworth Drive, Silver Spring, Maryland, USA

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The Wandering Session

Our befuddled masses have immigrated to McGinty’s, having realized Annapolis was too small a town to contain our monstrous session. The room we play in now is a bit more like an airplane hangar than a typical Irish pub, but you get used to it after a while. In theory. Tunes start at 8:00 but come by early to have dinner and chat us up a while. Hosted or anchored or what-have-you by Dennis "Doc" Botzer (fiddle agus guitar) and Patrick Cavanagh (banjo). We are idealistic egalitarians, but when neccessary have been known to have a quiet discussion with the odd (quite odd) overzealous cutlery abuser.
Good musicians/friendly folks welcomed with open arms.
Bad musicians/friendly folks welcomed with only-slightly-less-open arms.
Good musicians/unfriendly folks begrudgingly tolerated.
Bad musicians/unfriendly folks politely shown the door.

Session’s website

The session has a website now! — You’ll find recordings of our session (and other sessions too, why not!) and other interesting information, like session etiquette, pictures, session players kind’a profiles etc.
visit us online at

New co-host

I’m taking a break from my hosting duties for a while. The illustrious C.B. Heinemann is my capable replacement. CB plays bouzouki and guitar and is an incredible singer as well, if you poke him and prod him enough. He promises to maintain session craic levels in the mid-nineties.

Still at same pub, but a cozier room

This session is now meeting in a smaller room in the pub. The acoustics are much better, though the space gets a bit packed.

I stopped by for tunes, was warmly welcomed, and had a great evening. I thought I’d mention that this isn’t a late-running session. They wrapped up around 11pm.

Great craic!

Stopped by while in town on business, and had a great time. The session leaders make sure there’s a good mix of tunes and songs, and everyone was very welcoming and encouraging. As mentioned by ElaineT, above, the session wraps up around 11, which works out great if you get there via the Metro (the Silver Spring station is only about a 10-minute walk from the pub), so you’ve got time to get back home.

And, to top all this off, the location is superb. The staff seemed really excited about the session being there, Brendan took great care of us all night, and the food was outstanding (so make sure you come early enough to have a bite before things kick off).

Looking forward to my next business trip out here, so I can come visit again!

Is this session still on?

I’ll be in DC in 3 Tuesdays, seems to be a pretty convenient location 🙂, plus, I like the comments and the schedule!

Re: McGinty’s Public House

Huh, I was going to ask about the currency of this session…and look whose was the last comment about a year ago!

Re: McGinty’s Public House

No session listed on the pub’s website or on its Facebook page.

Re: McGinty’s Public House

It’s still going on, as far as I’ve heard.