The Seven Oaks Hotel

Athy Road, Carlow, Carlow, Ireland

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Seven Oaks Session

Regular Monday night session, has been going since the mid 1970’s and at least one of the original sessioners is still going strong ( Ber Landy) This is the kind of session where old-tyme waltzes rub shoulders with the jigs, reels and polkas.

Re: The Seven Oaks Hotel

Still going strong. If you are passing though Carlow on a Monday night, do drop in. If you want to play a tune or sing a song, all the better!

We’re back

After playing on Zoom for over a year, we finally got together again about a month ago. So far so good. If anyone out there wants to join us, give us a shout.

Re: The Seven Oaks Hotel

What time does the session start?

Re: The Seven Oaks Hotel

I usually get there around 9, but some times they start without me!! It usually winds up around 11, or soon afterwards

Re: The Seven Oaks Hotel

Thanks! We’re in the Carlow area somewhere (the wife navigates while I drive) so we may try to drop in to listen for a bit.