Michael Collins Irish Pub

Plaza Sagrada Familia 4, Barcelona, Catalunya, Spain

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Monday nights, 9:30 on. Friendly session, pro level but clumsybeginner-friendly

Janurary 2010

Stopped by early January this year. Medium sized group, some very good players from all over, and very kind in any language. Can’t beat the location!

January 2013

Dropped in last night and was told the session hasn’t happened for six weeks, but should kick off again, I’d have to just drop in each monday and see. Does anybody know what’s up with this session?

This session has evolved into something more closely resembling a Celtic hoedown than an Irish trad session. I don’t attend anymore. It has also moved provisionally to a different venue until some problems with the neighbours at the Michael Collins are sorted out. There are a couple of smaller, “closed” trad sessions happening in other venues. See the listing for Cheers. If you want to drop in for a visit, contact Toni Ribas, bpomahony or myself.

The session is still on at Michael Collin’s. I think the level is pretty high (though I’m just a beginner so I cannot really judge) but, most important, it’s really funny and the people are really nice and friendly.
A slow-session also takes place before the beginning of the “official” one.

Still going

Dropped in Monday past. Spoke to one flute player who was friendly and welcoming. He encouraged me to call back next week if I was in the area to play some music.

Reasonable standard with good range of tunes.

Close to metro and not too crowded.

Whether a session is planned on Monday? (6.07.2015)

Hi! I’ll be close to Barcelona these days, and if someone is going to be play some music, write please.
I play flute, medium skill player 🙂

Re: Michael Collins Irish Pub

The Monday night session has got back on track somewhat, smaller and a bit more focussed (thanks, Jimmy). Starting time of 9:30 p.m. is theoretical as it usually doesn’t get going until almost 10:00, then some of the older fogeys and young working folks using public transport start bailing shortly after 11:00. This doesn’t phase the die-hards though, who just seem to keep on going ’til they drop or get kicked out.

A couple of other small sessions around town Thursdays and Sunday nights less frequently, sometimes thwarted by football broadcasts. If you are going to be in town, get in touch, maybe we can arrange something.

Re: Michael Collins Irish Pub

Just a quick warning: The pub is very crowded with tourists who don´t seem to care about the music at all and keep the noise level very high. Drinks are rather expensive. Apart from that, its a nice session, though some tunes are played needlessly fast - but that may be just my personal taste.