The Western Hotel

33 Prospect Hill, Galway, Galway, Ireland

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Session starting tonight 18/1/2006

What promises to be a fun session. See the web link for more
info, or email Uniquely, the money we
get from the bar is split between all musicians (once you can
play a bit!), so it makes for a very open session……


that should of course be “tonight, 18/1/2007”

Session still going strong…..

Session at The Western is still going from strength to strength:
It has become THE place in Galway city for visiting musicians
to come and jam. Its not _just_ about the music (which is
nonetheless very good at the session, with great variety
because of the visiting musicians most weeks), but also about
the friendliness and fun of this open session. Nobody takes
anything _too_ seriously! Check the web page for
more/updated info.

Yearly Update!

Just thought it was time to update: Session is still on (October 2009), in
case anyone wants to visit/join!

2011 update

Session still going strong (April 2011).

2015 update

Just for all ye session-seekers out there - session still on every week, year round, Thursday evenings.

Re: The Western Hotel

Still going strong!

Re: The Western Hotel

What time is this session on at?

Re: The Western Hotel

Session is at 9pm (21:00) every Thursday, finishes up soon after 11pm.

Re: The Western Hotel

Session stopped ’cos of COVID

Re: The Western Hotel

Session re-started post-pandemic. We’re back on track, playing weekly, every THURSDAY 9pm to 11pm. Come along to listen or join in!

The Western Hotel

New weekly session, every Wednesday 9pm to 11pm