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The Broadway is dead, long live the Farmer

Brisbane’s only Saturday session, from about 2 until 6 or 7 pm, has had to leave the Broadway Hotel, Woolloongabba, and its home is now The Muddy Farmer, only about 2 kms away and still central enough in Annerley.

Same mob, same welcoming spirit. Better venue in my humble. No buses going past 6 foot from the verandah. Inside now in aircon ( important in tropical queensland summers).

Singers tend to have the floor from 2pm, then around 3.30 its starts to mix in tunes, which then take over by degrees.

But don’t forget the other one earlier on …

I’ve been asked to advise you that this is not the only Saturday session in Brisbane. There is the tunes sessions ( more catering for learners I understand) at the Clarence Corner Hotel which starts early afternoon. Also the high-levle tunes session across the river at Kitty O’Shea’s bar in Paddington, walking distance from the city/Roma St station.

Re: Xxx

This session ceased to be years ago, I just can’t work out how to remove it.