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Victory Cafe Session

A mid-level session, where you are more likely to encounter the popular session tunes, played at a comfortable tempo. Music from the wider celtic diaspora, such as Cape Breton or Quebecois, is welcome. Friendly, but crowded. Strictly tunes; I’ve never heard a song there.

Dropped in on this session for a listen while visiting Toronto this week. Lovely session, friendly folks!

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Later start time

Ownership has recently changed at the Vic and the Thursday night session now begins at 9:30 (effective Sept. 2005).

Final Victory

As is often the case when pub ownership changes hands, they wish to take the establishment into "new directions". This is too bad, as we’ve never sounded better. A few of the area’s best players have become regulars and friends over the last 6 months.

The last session at the ‘Vic will take place Nov. 24, 2005.

Our session leaders are in the hunt for a new venue and I will post the new location here when it is secured.

Sunday session?

What about the Sunday session they mentioned about starting up? Is that out of the plans as well?

Victory session lives on

I think you might have only partial information Greg. From what I gather, the Thursday session will continue for the time being, although some of the time they want it to start as late as 11 PM if they have something booked. There is a bulletin board set up at the Victory for the unfortunately titled "Celtic Jam": http://victorycafe.ca/news/viewforum.php?f=2
It doesn’t look like anyone who plays at the session posts there so far, but they do make announcements from time to time.
According to the board, the new Sunday session is supposed to start at 1 PM or so. I was busy last Sunday but I may check it out this time.

Sunday session is down for the count (and I don’t mean 6/8)

The nail in the coffin of the Victory Cafe session was hammered home Dec. 9th 2005. Read the brief obit at


This of course was abundantly clear to those of us who showed up on the evening of Thursday December 8th for a few tunes only to find an improv comedy group yukking it up in our nook. One could write a mournful air titled ‘The humours of the Victory’ to celebrate the event.

The good news is that the session is relocating (I believe) to the Bow and Arrow (upstairs) on Wednesday nights.


Correction: All Victory Cafe Sessions are Toast

Apologies - it isn’t just the briefly lived Sunday session, but also the main session (Thursday night) that has had its plug pulled.


Moved again

As the session had a six year run at the Vic, I’ll post our new venue here as well. As of September 2006, we are playing at the Black Swan. Since leaving the Vic, we have not been able to get a venue that will give us a Thursday night. Wednesday night is the best we can get so far, but hey, we’re still having fun!