McIntyre’s Bar

Main Street, Dunkineely, Donegal, Ireland

  • Schedule: Wednesday.

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Session Info

Weekly, very relaxed, session with accordian and guitar plus whatever else turns up. Starts late (around 11pm) but a bit earlier in tourist season. Singers and musicians welcome.

We had a great time

The bartender will tell you “the musicians arrive at 10 pm.” He’s right. But (in May) the music starts at 11:00 pm. Be prepared to start your drive home at 2:00 AM.

When I attended, the session went back and forth between instrumental music (at brisk dance tempos) and people singing songs. So, if you’re on holiday and you had to leave your instrument(s) at home, or if you tend to play at a moderate speed, you can still participate by singing.

So wonderful!

This was a wonderful session - a perfect mix of tunes & singing. The night I was there we had an international audience and everyone was well-pleased with the quality of the music and the congenial atmosphere.

Martin is an absolute trip. What a laugh!!

This session is just one of many reasons to stay in lovely Dunkineely for a day or so - don’t miss it!


So lovely, great pub and good craic! Glad to hear some great donegal music! Thankyou all!

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not only welcoming folk and local tunes but also seems to happen come rain come shine - good to know if you’re passing through of a blustery rainy weekend like we were!